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From the 3rd person perspective, play as a man with 2 possible identities. One could be a trained espionage agent, the other could be a man on the brink of insanity. Nevertheless, spy gadgets will be available and ready with a full license to kill.


  • Nine missions with approximately 60 total hours of gameplay
  • The latest in spy equipment including highly-advanced communication computers,electromagnetic pulse-mines, hacking units,and motion detectors
  • More than one hundred environments to explore and survive
  • Suspenseful gameplay requiring stealth for mission success
  • A captivating plot delivered through in-game action and stunning FMV

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/ME/XP
Pentium 233 MHz
64 Mb RAM (may also work on 32 Mb RAM)
4 x CD-ROM
8 MB Video Card
Fancidanci and 2 others own In Cold Blood
Mar 18, 09 12:56am
a very good game, it hasd been a while since i last played it. InColdBlood
Mar 09, 09 11:41pm
It was ok,but I'd play it agian InColdBlood
Jun 22, 00 2:34am
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