Starting out small with a hotel for business travelers, players are challenged to build a successful business, overcoming all obstacles that the world of business management can throw at them. With over 26 different complexes to choose from, players are able to create a tailor-made hotel that exactly meets their dreams and the needs of the virtual guests.


  • With the opportunity to place the hotel in virtually any location and with total control over the look and atmosphere of your foyer, guest rooms and all the other components that go into making a top hotel, success or failure is only a holiday-season away.
  • Created by Trevor Chan , designer of "Seven Kingdoms" and "Capitalism"
  • Design your dream hotel based on over 26 different basic types (urban, suburb, resort, theme park hotel...)
  • Design stylish hotels in over 23 international cities such as Tokyo, New York, Sydney, Paris, London, Las Vegas, Copenhagen, Vienna...
  • Build hundreds of different rooms out of 8 completely customizable base types (guest room, restaurant, bar, fitness center, business center, game center, pool, library)
  • Use more then 600 moveable pieces of interior (Carpets, Furniture, Decoration, Lamps etc.)
  • Watch your guests from 3 different perspectives (3D, Isometric and Top-down views) to best satisfy their needs and react on their complaints
  • Advertise for your dream hotel with self created campaigns in TV, radio and newspaper advertisements
  • Live the dream of your own Hotel!

Hardware Requirements

Windows® 95/98/ME/2000/XP
Pentium® II 350 MHz or higher
128 MB RAM
700 MB free hard disk space
4x CD-ROM drive
16MB 3D video card
Win-compatible sound card
DirectX® 8.0a
Keyboard, Mouse

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