Homeworld tells the tale of the descendents of a peaceful race once banished long ago from their own world by force, and their quest to find their way back to this Homeworld - a place only their ancestors knew.

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1999 was when the original Homeworld, Relic Entertainment's space-faring 3D real-time-strategy... posted Jan 26, 15 5:31pm

Homeworld fans will be pleased to learn today that the RTS franchise won't go down with THQ. Instead, this rather... posted Apr 22, 13 12:31pm

The unfortunate demise of THQ left many of its studios and franchises with new owners, however there were some... posted Jan 24, 13 4:17pm

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From the time of this review, it has been over eleven years since this game was...

Awesome this is the game that got me into PC games Homeworld PC

This game is sheer gameing perfection the moment you put it in the drive, the game...


A very great RTS game... superb graphics, the game will run on even a PC with low...


technical problems plauge this game..but if you know how to update the game and are...

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