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Opposing Force is the first expansion pack for Half-life. This time you play Adrian, a soldier Gordon Freeman meets in the original. With the new character, you get a new perspective to things and a variety of new weapons to play with.

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The game is a FPS, so, you have to shoot every enemy that you're meeting. But you have also to duck or to take cover. Players will lead Adrian through Black Mesa with new weapons and experience the pleasure to use alien weapons. Adrian will also have the opportunity to ask to guards, scientists or to abandoned teammates to follow him or to stay where they are, it can be vital for advancing in the game. You'll find three types of teammates: the soldier, the engineer (who will open closed doors) and the medic (who will heal you when you're asking him).

Hardware Requirements

Minimum CPU Type: Pentium
Minimum CPU Speed: 133 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 24 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 200 MB
Graphics Type: SVGA
Graphics Resolution: Multiple Resolutions
Color Depth: 16

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Nice exspantion pack for Half-life HalfLifeOpposingForce PC
Not bad. I liked it. It was a great diversion as I waited for Half-Life 2. HalfLifeOpposingForce PC
Exactly the same as Blue Shift. HalfLifeOpposingForce PC
the half life story from the eyes of a soldier, kinda bloody. HalfLifeOpposingForce PC

When Half-Life was released in 1998, nobody couldn't predict the real revolution the...

I want Adrian to return for one last fight, much better then FREEMAN! HalfLifeOpposingForce PC

Half-Life: Opposing Force was the first offical expansion pack for Valve Software's...


Yuo are the army sent in to contain the situation at Black Mesa and your main priority...


I really liked this game a lot. I really liked the beginning with the crash and even...


THE pl;ot in this game is one of the best ive evr seen in my life, and im very hard to...


exceptional gameplay and the graphics at hi res were amazing!!


Well, not much to say about this game, exept if you like a good story, and a good FPS,...

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