Take command of a heroic squad of comic book heroes and go toe-to-toe against evil incarnate in the alien form of Lord Dominion and his dastardly minions. Choose from over a dozen heroes to battle through more than 20 action-packed missions in the defense of Patriot city. It's up to you to restore order in this completely interactive 3D world. Are you hero enough? Set in New York City circa 1962, Freedom Force is a tactical RPG that bristles with the over-the-top action of comic books.

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duker nuker
Jan 13, 08 4:17pm
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Omega X
Oct 05, 03 9:58am

This game is actually fun, unique Super Heroes, with Comic Book Action. Hitting...

Jul 13, 03 2:25pm

this game has a good replay value when you make your own guys they can help and if you...

Dancing Banana
Jul 22, 02 5:45pm
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Dancing Banana
Jul 22, 02 5:41pm

this game is very addictive. i started playing it and couldnt stop untill i fell...

May 01, 02 11:15pm

this is a perfect game for comic hero fans and others also.u can create ur own...

Mar 28, 02 3:26pm

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Electronic Arts and Crave Entertainment today announced that they have begun shipping the comic-inspired "tactical... posted Mar 26, 02 11:18pm

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