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Average Review Score: 6.7/10

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Force 21 Reviews

website score publish date article quality
3D Gaming Network 8.7/10 Oct 02 '99
Adrenaline Vault 3/5 Aug 26 '99
Computer Games Online 2/5 Aug 30 '99
Evil Avatar 2/5 Oct 13 '99
GameCenter 7/10 Aug 23 '99
Gamepen 3.5/5 Sep 08 '99
Gameprix 6.4/10 Aug 20 '99
GamersCentral  --- Sep 11 '99
GamesDomain  --- Sep 27 '99
Gamesfirst 3/5 Sep 28 '99
GameSpot 6.7/10 Aug 23 '99
GameZilla 92/100 Sep 09 '99
Glide Underground 4.5/5 Aug 23 '99
Hyperactive 7/10 Oct 01 '99
IGN PC 7.8/10 Aug 19 '99
Intelligamer 3/5 Sep 28 '99
PC Gameworld 55% Sep 30 '99
WarGamer  --- Sep 21 '99
Well Rounded Entertainment  --- Sep 23 '99
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Force 21 Previews

website publish date article rating
GameCenter Aug 05 '99
GameSpot Aug 05 '99
Playing Out of Control Gaming Sep 17 '99
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Quoted from Force 21 Reviews:
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"As commander, you'll be able to issue movement and combat orders to your troops, transfer units between platoons, and even create new platoons designed for specific objectives. Your units will be capable of following basic rules of engagement (fire at will, hold your fire, and the like) that you can custom set. They will also move in a variety of formations and can be ordered to achieve the same type of sequential battlefield objectives that are required of real Army platoons. In the single-player campaign, you will play either a U.S. or Chinese commander and will have to move units across rivers, guard valuable bridges, protect supply convoys, and destroy enemy targets and weapons emplacements."
"But once you start playing Force 21, you'll realize that its emphasis on information management, situational awareness, and realistic unit coordination make it a very different beast from other RTS games. For starters, there's no production to fret over; instead, you've got to make the most of what you have on hand for each mission. Unit selection is handled much differently, too: You can't issue orders any lower than the platoon level, so there's no way to click and drag to select only a couple units within a platoon. Of course, you have the option of creating smaller or larger platoons by transferring units, but it's much more time-consuming - and realistic - than simply highlighting the ones you want to control."