FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.7/10

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FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer Reviews

website score publish date
Gamer's Hell 8.9/10 Nov 07 '00
IGN PC 8.8/10 Oct 23 '00 4/5 Nov 14 '00
EuroGamer 8/10 Dec 04 '00
Game Power Australia 3.5/4 Nov 05 '00
GameCenter 9/10 Oct 20 '00
Gamer's Pulse 97/100 Dec 27 '00
GameSpot 9.0/10 Oct 31 '00
Gamespot UK 8/10 Nov 10 '00
PC Insight 8.5/10 Dec 17 '00
Sharky Games 9/10 Dec 05 '00
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FIFA 2001 Major League Soccer Previews

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EuroGamer on Dec 05 '00

"...some of the most intricate player detail in a footy game to date... far too many computer chosen moves when you are simply trying to pass the ball or lob it over a line of the opposing team......"

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Game Power Australia on Nov 06 '00

"There are many improvements to the 2001 incarnation, and one omission... looks gorgeous... just the right touch of commentary... The shooting interface has gotten a tweak... You will need a..."

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GameCenter on Oct 21 '00

"FIFA 2001 contains all the features we have come to expect from an EA Sports title. There are 17 soccer leagues represented, including U.S.-based Major League Soccer, the English Premier League,..."

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GameSpot on Nov 01 '00

"...a complete visual and practical makeover... players in FIFA 2001 are still a bit faster and more capable than their living counterparts... gameplay does have some minor problems... gameplay..."

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Gamespot UK on Nov 10 '00

"The pitches have grown in size, so that they are more to scale with the players... AI has been improved throughout, although it's still some way off being perfect... great fun to play, particularly..."

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