: : : : : Evil Twin - Cyprien's Chronicles


Embrace the Dark Divine...

Nightmares bend reality as Cyprien, a young orphan, is stolen into a twisted dream realm. It is a world fallen under the torment of a cloaked Master, keeper of Lorin Darth and corrupter of Cyprien's friends. Only by conquering the rage from the demons within can Cyprien turn terror into strength, enemies into friends, and bonds into freedom.


  • Descend into a nightmare journey inside the dreamworld prisons of the Orphaned
  • Survive 66 bizarre levels within 8 haunting island worlds
  • Unleash the fury of Cyprien's berserk alter ego and wield outlandish powers
  • Seek out strange beings to untangle the enigmas behind the Master of Loren Darith

This good looking game kept me playing for over two weeks, so it was definitely worth...


There are so many things to like about this game. The user guide is a gift from above....


Finally, a game I can play for hours without getting bored. I'm stuck, but still...


The graphics are great, Ubisoft keep on making this sort of games!
I feel I am the only...


need some more tuning on controls and a bit more specific info on getting things done

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6.8 / 10