Use over 300 different spells with 4 different races in this game from Nival Interactive. This game features 3D graphics in a turn-based combat with many different tactical solutions. Customize your battle spells and try over 64 different heroes.


  • A graphical and gameplay masterpiece
  • Summon monsters to join your battle and defeat the imposing characters that confront you
  • Four magic races, each with its own distinctive realms, spells and combat style make Etherlords a true experience
  • Superb multiplayer options including cooperative and Internet Rankings
  • Two magical campaigns for two allied races provide massive gameplay options
  • Detailed diplomacy system featuring long-term alliances and trade agreements provide unparalleled depth

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Strategy First and Nival Interactive announce today the sequel to Etherlords, as well as the publishing deal for the... posted Jun 06, 02 4:34pm


what is this game?:
at first i thought its just another HoMM (Heroes of Might and...

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