Empire of the Ants Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 6.2/10

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Empire of the Ants Reviews

website score publish date
Neoseeker 73% Jun 26 '01
Adrenaline Vault 3/5 Sep 12 '01
Computer Games Online 2/5 Aug 15 '01
ESCMag 5/10 Sep 05 '01
GameOver.net 55% Aug 01 '00
Games Extreme 70% Jul 17 '00
Gamespot 5.6/10 Jul 31 '01
Gamespot 5.6/10 Jul 31 '01
Gamespy 75% Aug 28 '01
IGN PC 6.0/10 Jul 17 '01
IntelGamer 70% Jul 31 '01
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Empire of the Ants Previews

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ESCMag on Sep 07 '01

"Microids has tried to make a game that would be remembered in the real-time strategy genre for years to come; instead we get a game that tries to do everything right, and instead comes up short on..."

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GameOver.net on Aug 01 '00

"Empire of the Ants is compelling at first but quickly becomes a shallow gaming experience. "

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Gamespot on Jul 26 '00

"Empire of the Ants just doesn't do justice to the really unusual and interesting premise."

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IGN PC on Jul 18 '01

"The idea is really great and the gameplay holds glimmers of what could have been. Sadly, it falls a quite a bit short of perfect... it still may be of interest to some gamers that have read the..."

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Neoseeker on Jun 27 '01

"Although it was admittedly fun and interesting for a while running my own ant colony on really beautiful and dynamic 3D maps, after awhile I felt like I was playing yet another RTS game in which..."

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