After being rescued by the Red Acropalis research team as his ship, crippled after a desemating warpcore malfunction, drifted helplessly towards the Sun, the Material Defender is hired by the team for one last Descent: a mission to finally destroy the virus that has been infecting the PTMC mining robots across the galaxy, and uncover the deadly truth as to why the PTMC are secretly testing on the virus to improve it.

Soar back into the Solar system in three new ships, master the sheer power of more than ten all-new weapons, and fight through more than fifteen mind-bending levels as you fight your way towards the head of the PTMC for your revenge against Dravis: The president of the PTMC corperation, the man who originally hired you to exterminate the mining robots, and the man who tried to kill you when you succeeded by programming your warpcore to overload and destroy you.

This is the final thrilling installment of the award winning series.

Prepare for descent...

Hardware Requirements

Minimum PC requirements:

Pentium 200 (Min.); Pentium 300 (Rec.)
Windows 95/98/Me/XP
4x CD-ROM Drive
32MB RAM (Min.); 64MB RAM (Rec.)
3D accelerator graphics card w/ 4MN RAM (Min.)
DirextX 6 Compatible sound card

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