In Darkstone, your quest is to find the seven crystals needed in order to defeat a shapeshifting wizard capable of assuming the form of a dragon. Start your party with two characters: a knight, monk, thief, or sorcerer.


  • Play as one of eight possible character classes.

  • Experience over seven different expansive landscapes each with their own individual dungeons.

  • Battle a large array of classic fantasy monsters and bosses.

  • Complete missions to acquire special crystals that will allow you to confront the final boss; a shape-shifting wizard named Draak.

  • Replay feature allows players to dismiss a character from the game and start a new one with the same stats.

  • Random mission feature allows for a unique run through each game.

  • Unlock special bonus features such as a video clip, art gallery, FMV theater and additional character skins.

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 233 MMX
4mb AGP 3d Accelerator or 8mb PCI 3D Accelerator
16 Bit Colors
170mb Hard Disk Space
32mb Ram
8X CD-Rom Drive
DirectX 6.1
Keyboard & Mouse

Official URL

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