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Doom 3 Own / Want List

Username Comments
Dark Arcanine None
WillmarJ Awesome game,
Manectric Master None
vicrabb None
VeGiTAX2 None
Diamondsc2 None
Master pry it from muh cold dead fingers!
Shana None
Bill Gates None
Paynie None
DuffyTheNerd None
Alias353 None
GregtheGreat None
Jak66 Best PC Game Ever!
Chiggins None
Hybrid None
Steveo099990 None
Rudd04 None
Adam3k3 None
Xel None
Mr Roboto None
Ajax Awesome!
coolsaggu Naah You can\
p4k7 awsome game!
ash6777 None
and0then 8/10 great game
Ncjpr1993 None
TJ D None
Iceguy2003 None
Celes Leonhart None
jbh None
DarkkTrainerr None
Matthew McCormick None
dragoonmaster None
Sam Owens None
Riley89 None
Vergil Ties None
I_like_keys None
kumozero None
Dark_Magic None
Hellfire29 None
sonofalchemy123 None
KrazyKain great game, but not really as 'doom' as it could be
tathalias Scary.
Emaster MK None
Primus50 None
REZBIT Cant use a gan and a flashlight at the same time? Duckt tape much?
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The Remnant None

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