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Average Review Score: 7.3/10

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Cultures Reviews

website score publish date
Game Vortex 7/10 Jan 01 '03
Gamer's Hell 8.0/10 Sep 17 '00
Actiontrip 81% Jan 03 '01
EuroGamer 8/10 Oct 19 '00
Gamespot 5.8/10 Aug 09 '01
IGN PC 7.3/10 Jul 24 '01
MPOG 3/5 Sep 16 '01
PC Gamer UK 80% Nov 20 '00
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Actiontrip on Jan 04 '01

"Cultures can be commended for its severely enhanced conception of a unique life simulation... a welcome refreshment in RTS games..."

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EuroGamer on Oct 20 '00

"...arranged and executed in a very spontaneous and enjoyable manner... less crucial to control your Vikings but important to influence them... broad spectrum of campaigns and scenarios......"

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Gamespot on Aug 10 '01

"There's a lot of gameplay in Cultures, but it's mainly because the designers keep forcing you to do the same thing over and over."

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IGN PC on Jul 25 '01

"This game almost had something, but was just missing a couple more pieces of that sun that would have made it shine."

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