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Clusterball is a futuristic sports game designed to invoke the same adrenaline rush as popular titles in the FPS genre. In a match, the aim is to collect colored balls from magnetic tracks spread out in the venues and tow them through a scoring ring using a fast and versatile aircraft. To interfere with opposing pilots, the player can pick up various kinds of tactical equipment - like a Superboost, Ball Snatcher or Tractor Beam. The unique effects of this equipment can also be greatly enhanced by combining different items against a single target. You score some, you lose some - but in this arena you will never run out of options or fun


Game-play combines elements of high-speed air racing with true dog fighting and a great tactical challenge. Amazing 3D graphics and positional sound effects together with very authentic physics create the perfect setting. The intense matches take place in astonishing landscapes inspired by famous locations around the globe


  • Easy single player training mode to get started

  • 11 detailed venues from around the world

  • A wide range of aggressive and defensive equipment

  • Multiplayer with both 'Free For All' and team play

  • Hi-res (1024x768), 16-bit color graphics and selective anti-aliasing of units, buildings and spell effects

  • Internet play with unparalleled narrowband suppor

Hardware Requirements

Windows 95/98/2000/ME
Pentium II
233 MHz
8MB Video Card supporting 3Dfx (Glide) or OpenGL
16bit PC Sound Card
DirectX 7.

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