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Aliens versus Predator Gold Edition includes the classic Aliens vs Predators as well as the Millenium Expansion pack. AvP Gold introduces new weapons and nine new levels. Characters based on popular movie series


  • Play 3 different species: each with different strengths, weapons, physical abilities and objectives
  • Over 40 different levels in environments including spaceships, alien Temples and underground caverns
  • Deformable environments: scorch walls and surroundings with a flame thrower and write your name on the wall with a pulse rifle
  • 10 multiplayer modes which include: species war, co-op, deathmatch, tag, and more
  • Particles and dynamic systems: stunningly real smoke, steam, sparks, fire and muzzle flashes throw a grenade in the water and watch the splash
  • Hyper Advanced Artificial Intelligence: Regardless of your species, you will be stalked by intelligent opponents that randomize in the environment
  • Total freedom of movement: look up and down, jump, crouch and climb
  • Dynamic lighting: shoot out lights and the world plunges into darkness, fire a flare down a corridor and see it light up the walls as it goes
  • Full physics model: objects can bounce and spin.

Hardware Requirements

System Requirements
Pentium 3 or Athlon 450 MHz or higher
Windows 95/98/2000/Me/XP
128MB RAM or higher
1.3 GB hard disk space
4X CD-ROM drive or greater
16 Bit DirectX 8 compatible sound card
16MB DirectX 8 compatible D3D video card

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