Aliens Versus Predator Pro Reviews

Average Review Score: 8.4/10

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Aliens Versus Predator Reviews

website score publish date article quality
Bright Hub 4/5 Dec 13 '08
Game Boomers 9.4/10 Dec 25 '03
3D Action Planet 9/10 Sep 14 '99
3D Game Force 8.5/10 Sep 28 '99
3D Rage  --- Aug 25 '99
3dgaming A- Aug 03 '99
ActionXtreme 9.5/10 Sep 02 '99
Evil Avatar 3/5 Sep 13 '99
GA-Source 83% Aug 04 '99
Game Critics 9.5/10 Aug 27 '99
Game Revolution A - Sep 02 '99
Game Rush 8/10 Sep 01 '99
Game Unit 5/5 Aug 30 '99
GameCenter 6/10 Aug 03 '99
Gamepost 86% Aug 27 '99
GamersCentral  --- Sep 02 '99
GamersVoice 4/5 Jun 29 '99
GamesDomain  --- Aug 03 '99
GamesDomain  --- Aug 03 '99
Gamespot UK  --- Aug 06 '99
Gibworld 85% Sep 24 '99
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3dgaming on

"There are some details that blew me away here. The first time I snuck up on an unarmed civilian and stared at him through my alien eyes… he put his palms to his face and started weeping...."

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Bright Hub on

"Alien Versus Predator was an exciting franchise and it made for an atmospheric and action packed first person shooter. Playing as an Alien, Marine or Predator made this a great innovative title and..."

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GA-Source on

"This game just squidges with fun. You're up to your ankles in it when you first nuke your first alien with an explosive, you're sloshing around in it when you use the Predator cloak and tear..."

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GameCenter on

"Even on the game's easiest difficulty setting, your odds of surviving are long, regardless of which species you choose as your alter ego. This could be the toughest first-person shooter I've ever..."

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GamesDomain on

"But tragically, the mass-slaughter of Star Wars characters by the jaw-slime dripping xenomorphs or shoulder-cannon toting hunters is something that's unlikely to happen. Alien and Predator fans..."

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