A first-person RPG set in a complex fantasy world full of trolls, goblins and other creatures. Full of quests, interactive NPC's and featuring muliple puzzles to solve, become the hero in this world of evil. The unique real-time magic system allows you to cast more than 50 different spells based on 20 unique runes.


The goal of the game is to destroy the secret cult of Akbaa, the god of devastation and chaos, thereby preventing his return to the physical world. Should the player fail, the demon is bound to impose his reign of terror upon Arx. The player assumes the role of the potential hero, fights inside an underground fortress using wooden clubs, swords and magical items to defend himself against creatures including goblins, trolls, rat-men and other vicious opponents. However, brute force is not always the best way to succeed: The player has at his disposal the innovative new "onscreen gesture based magic system" to assist him in his progress through the game. Using the mouse, burning runes can be drawn in mid-air. A series of these gestures combine to create powerful magic spells that will protect the player or empower him to defeat his enemies and pursue his quest.


  • 9 different skills
  • 50 different magical spells
  • Magical system based on runes
  • Different weapons and armor
  • Huge world with a lot of surprises
  • Different solutions for the different adventures
  • Many monsters and enemies

Hardware Requirements

500 MHz, Pentium ® III or compatible
Microsoft Windows. 98/ME/2000/XP
DirectX 8 or higher
DirectX 8 compatible sound- and graphics card with 16 MB
750 MB fixed disks

900 MHz Pentium ® III or compatible
256 MB RAM
DirectX 8 or higher
DirectX 8 compatible sound- and graphics card with 32MB
750 MB fixed disks

Official URL

Official Site
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My version is very buggy and I have not used the patches that are now out.


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This game would have to be one of my favourites .The good graphics make it feel like...

Dec 14, 02 4:55pm

This game is more frustrating than fun. I don't know why the makers of RPG's seem to...

Oct 03, 02 7:15pm

It's a decent game but not one that would fit my game play style.

Found that the user...

JoWooD has informed us that their first-person RPG, Arx Fatalis, has just gone gold and should be making its debut... posted Sep 24, 02 11:18pm

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