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Near the Hudson River lies the village of Harley. Somewhere in this village, Henry A. Stauf, a famous toy maker, built his mysterious mansion. Stauf has invited six guests to his newly completed mansion, but they soon discover themselves locked inside. Now they have to find a way out, but all they find are puzzles in every room. Only one person can solve these puzzles and find a way out. That person is you, the 7th Guest....


The 7th Guest is a haunted house puzzle-adventure which takes place inside an abandoned mansion. Venture into the 22 rooms of the spooky mansion, solve over 20 mind-bending puzzles to unravel a tale of revenge and horror that took place in the 1930s. The game is played in first person perspective with a point-and-click interface featuring horror-themed animated cursors (skeletons, bulging-eye skulls etc.).

Hardware Requirements

Minimum PC Requirements:
Minimum CPU Type: 386DX
Minimum CPU Speed: 20 MHz
Minimum RAM Required: 2 MB
Minimum Hard Disk Space: 10 MB
Minimum OS Version: 5.0
Graphics Type: SVGA
Color Depth: High Color

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