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Average Review Score: 7.8/10

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7 Days a Skeptic Reviews

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Abandonia Reloaded 5/5 May 06 '05
Acid-Play 70% Sep 12 '04
Adventure Gamers  --- Sep 16 '04
Adventure Lantern 71/100 Oct 14 '06
AGS Ezine 70% Jun 23 '07
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Abandonia Reloaded on May 16 '08

"7 Days a Skeptic is the very good 2004 sequel to 5 Days a Stranger. Like its predecessor, this is one of my favourite AGS and adventure games. Definitely worth a try."

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Acid-Play on May 25 '08

"With the same general story line of horror that builds slowly over seven days, 7 Days A Skeptic is definitely worthwhile downloading."

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Adventure Gamers on May 16 '08

"But, in the end, 7 Days features enough problems to surely test your patience. There are plenty of good things here, but they are often spoilt by bad execution. Despite these criticisms, 7 Days a..."

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Adventure Lantern on May 16 '08

"In the end, it seems that despite Yahtzee's efforts, 7 Days a Skeptic did not manage to escape the curse of the sequels, as it ends up being inferior to its predecessor. It is still an enjoyable..."

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AGS Ezine on Jan 08 '09

"While not superior to its predecessor, "7 days a skeptic" will provide several hours of fun to fans of horror and mystery. Looking forward to Yahtzee's next releases!"

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