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5 Days a Stranger Reviews

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Abandonia Reloaded 4.2/5 May 06 '05
Adventure Gamers  --- Oct 13 '03
Adventure Lantern 79/100 Oct 14 '06
AGS Ezine 75% Jul 22 '07
Pop Matters  --- Jan 27 '04
Stage Select 8/10 Nov 22 '06
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Abandonia Reloaded on May 16 '08

"Gameplay is fun and the puzzles can be somewhat difficult. This game was made with an adventure game scripting system called AGS. Definitely a game worth playing."

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Adventure Gamers on May 16 '08

"Despite some flaws, this game is well worth your time. If you're looking for an intriguing story with great atmosphere and some genuininely frightening moments, you can't go wrong with 5 Days a..."

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Adventure Lantern on May 16 '08

"Character development is quite good too, with Trilby portraying the role of the gentleman quite well, even if he is not the deepest character you will ever meet in a video game. The supporting cast..."

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AGS Ezine on Jan 08 '09

"This is one game worth playing. Despite the few drawbacks it has (like sound, GUI), it is a really enjoyable title, which can take away a few hours of your free time."

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Pop Matters on May 25 '08

"Playing 5 Days a Stranger is like reading a good short story from one of those heartbreakingly neglected literary magazine: no gimmicks, just appealing in the very simple, honest manner of..."

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