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In this free game with Microsoft Windows your aim is to rack up as many points as you can. There are many challenges to complete such as hitting bumpers several times and entering various parts of the table. By beating these challenges you will advance in rank and open up more challenges with even more points available. There are many surprises awaiting you in this pinball game!


  • 9 ranks to advance through, each with their own challenges
  • Wide variety of targets to hit, most of which will increase your score
  • 1-4 players
  • Many unlockable bonuses as your progress
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how can i download this because i want to play it really badly 3DPinballSpaceCadet PC
I need to download this game!! 3DPinballSpaceCadet PC

3D Space Cadet is a pinball game already installed on my computer when I bought it....


I've set up the flipper controls on the right and left arrows so I can play it...

Came with PC. Not for Sale. 3DPinballSpaceCadet PC

I wouldn't actually pay for this game, but considering it comes with your computer [PC...


This game comes free with Microsoft Windows, so most people who ever read this should...


The pros outweigh the cons, but the cons the important things, and you don't want to...


If you own one of the newer Windows PCs, this game comes standard with it....

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