When the two moons aligned, the evil King Rictus unleashed Abaddon and his followers upon the land of Haran. Rictus tried to ally himself with Abaddon only to be cast into the dark abyss where he suffered the pain and death of every being killed by Abaddon's forces of darkness.

It seemed all hope was lost for mankind until The White Lady, Trieste, came to the rescue. She brought together whoever was left of Haran and attempted to lay waste to Abaddon's followers, the Pitborn. They were outnumbered, so Trieste left to seal the gate from which the Pitborn came with her own life.

Centuries later, the seal on the gate has weakened and the Pitborn roam Haran once again. The people of Haran must fight back until the two moons align once again, when Trieste is prophesied to return.


2Moons is a hack-and-slash MMORPG from Acclaim. The game is controlled using mostly the mouse and keyboard shortcuts.


- Free to play. The game is paid for through advertising in the user interface. The UI advertising is optional, but players are granted bonuses by allowing advertisements.

- Action-packed, visceral gameplay intended for more mature players.

- Six different classes to choose from, including warrior, summoner, archer, etc.

Hardware Requirements

    <li type="square">1 GHz CPU

    <li type="square">512 MB RAM

    <li type="square">GeForce MX Video card

    <li type="square">Sound card

    <li type="square">DirectX 9.0c or above

    <li type="square">Broadband Internet Connection

Official URL

Official Site
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