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18 Wheels Of Steel: Pedal To The Metal makes you the owner of your own trucking business. It's up to you to build an empire without answering to anyone! Start out with just a little cash, then build your business by bidding on jobs and delivering them faster than the competition. Manage your money and avoid the problems and pitfalls of trucking, to build your empire one delivery at a time.


  • Can you handle the big jobs? Damaged goods eat your profits. Keep it shiny side up maneuvering through dangerous changing weather conditions.
  • Dispatch 45+ cargo types. Keep this country movin' while you build a trucking empire.
  • You're the boss and you give the orders. You own up to 35 trucks and you own the road.
  • Step on it. Stay one step ahead of the law as you rumble through crowded cities, past bustling sea ports, and across rolling plains.
  • From big rigs to big business, you're in the driver's seat. Stop workin' for the man. That fire in your belly is gonna take you straight to the top. Take risks, cash in, and upgrade your rig. Work hard and you might end up driving the whole show.
  • You a hot head under pressure? Find out as you meet hazards head-on. From accidents, coppers, and Mother Nature, can you meet the deadline?
  • Life on the road ain't easy. Keep your 18-wheeler in tip-top condition, repair damage, and improve your rig with dozens of upgrades.
  • Get outta my way! Haul it all through 30 cities from Mexico to Canada and sea to shining sea.
  • Cash is king. Jump behind the wheel of 35 rigs and your choice of trailers to bring in big loads and big bucks.
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