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If there's one thing that could be said for Cruella De Vil, it's that she's persistent. For someone who's been attempting to come up with enough Dalmatian puppies to make a coat for over thirty years, she shows a tremendous amount of resiliency, even if there might seem to be a better way to go about it than trying to snatch the same one hundred and one of them repeatedly, failing every time. Now, the wicked old wild-haired millionairess has a new nasty plan up her sleeve, but she's got more puppies to deal with. Exactly one more, to be exact, but hopefully, the newest addition to the 102 Dalmatians will be enough to escape Cruella once again.


  • Based on the feature film

  • Control the characters Oddball and Domino

  • Rescue other Dalmatians from Cruella's toy factory

  • 16 levels full of crazy villains

  • 2 minigames: Color Matching and Picture Matching

Hardware Requirements

Pentium 233MHz
Windows 95/98
50MB free hard drive space
16-bit DirectX compatible sound card
16-bit DirectX compatible 4MB video card
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Aug 18, 10 8:50pm
Can't believe I had this but it was still good for the console. Lots of adventure. 102DalmatiansPuppiesToTheRescue DC
May 30, 09 8:25pm
I think I beat it twice a long time ago. It was pretty fun. 102DalmatiansPuppiesToTheRescue PC
Feb 12, 09 12:05pm
kids game 102DalmatiansPuppiesToTheRescue DC
Spriter Neb
Jun 21, 08 10:07am
Gift: Stephanie 102DalmatiansPuppiesToTheRescue DC
Apr 26, 07 3:19am
awwwww!! 102DalmatiansPuppiesToTheRescue DC
Superfast Oz
Oct 21, 03 3:58pm
added 2 cheats
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