X-Men Legends follows the exploits of the well-known Marvel heroes in their ongoing battle to protect humanity from the ravages of evil mutants. Combining the action of a fighting game and the strategy, depth, and story of a role-playing game, gamers and comic fans can command a team of heroes selected from a list of more characters than ever before.


  • The largest selection of X-Men ever! Select your squad of four mutants from the vast array of heroes that have been members of the X-Men in its 40-year history
  • Replay the same mission using different characters
  • Unique action-team-based fighting system
  • Single player or team-based using the unique mutant powers of each X-Men character
  • Up to 4 player cooperative multiplayer via Bluetooth wireless technology

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Feb 07, 11 10:52am
Jul 22, 10 12:58pm
It's ok. But annoying. XMenLegends Xbox
Jul 12, 10 8:29am
I played it and liked it!4 characters to play as at 1 time.Can't get better than that!-(At least by original X-Box standards) XMenLegends Xbox
beboto and 3 others own X-Men Legends
Jan 04, 09 5:35pm
The game that started it all for Raven + Activision XMenLegends Xbox
Jul 11, 05 7:26am
Better if there\\\\ XMenLegends Xbox
Mar 16, 05 9:16pm
PAL XMenLegends Xbox
Mar 10, 05 10:18am
beat them up XMenLegends Xbox
Jan 04, 05 6:46am
Not the best RPG! XMenLegends Xbox
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