: : : : : SSX: Out of Bounds


SSX, the popular extreme snowboarding console game, hits the N-Gage in an original edition built from the ground up specifically for Nokia's device. All of the popular characters like Moby return, for a total of 10 and tricks range between three groups - 14 easy grabs, seven 'uber' tricks and seven 'super-uber' ones, so that anyone can rack up some points but only players really dedicated to the title will be able to complete the more difficult tricks.


  • 10 unique and personal characters to choose from.
  • Classic SSX tracks.
  • Game modes include Race and Slopestyle.
  • Multiplayer gaming for 2-4 people via the Bluetooth connection.
  • Shadow Racing on the N-Gage Arena.
  • Trick tips on the N-Gage Arena.
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