Everyone thought that after being defeated by the Mario Brothers and Princess Peach rescued--twice--Bowser had packed his bags and departed the Mushroom Kingdom for good. That is, until his day in which his air ships attacked. Bowser, the Koopa King had returned, and with the greatest danger yet: the Koopalings!

Using super powers that have never been seen before, help the Super Mario Brothers rescue Princess Peach and stop Bowser and the Koopalings in their tracks!

Game Play

You play as Mario (or Luigi) and travel through up to eight very distinctive and unique worlds, defeating or evading all the members of the Koopa Troop that will try to stop you from rescuing Princess Peach, and finally foil the plans of the evil Bowser.

However, the only concern isn't Bowser this time; the seven Koopalings have taken control of seven of the worlds. Thus each of the seven Koopalings have to be stopped as well. Each of the game's power-ups will have their own strengths in various parts of the game.

You can also play with a friend for more fun, to complete the game quicker and more efficiently, along with challenging said friend to a round of the 1983 Arcade Game Mario Bros.


  • 8 Worlds, each with their own unique environments and challenges!
  • New Power-Ups join the series including the Super Leaf, Frog Suit, P-Wing, Tanooki Suit and the powerful yet rare Hammer Bros. Suit!
  • A World Map in which stages can be selected, with items that work on the World Map including the Music Box, Hammer, Anchor, and Lakitu's Cloud!
  • Find a Whistle and Warp to Another World!
  • For 1 or 2 Players
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