Fifteen-year-old Mike Jones had no idea what a visit to C-Island to visit his uncle, Dr. Steve Jones, would have in store for him. Upon his arrival, the island's chief informed him of his uncle's abduction by aliens! Now it's up to Mike to save him.

In StarTropics, take control of Mike as he fights and figures his way through eight levels of diverse environments such as tropical islands, outer space and the belly of a whale. His primary weapon is his trusty yo-yo, but Mike will pick up special weapons such as slingshots and baseballs eventually upgrading to the Shooting Star and the powerful Supernova. Occasionally, Mike will break from the Legend of Zelda-like action, exploring new towns in hopes of finding clues leading to Dr. Jones and the climactic confrontation with Zoda, the alien leader.

Never has so much ridden on the shoulders of one 15 year-old. Save your uncle, the world and the galaxy in StarTropics.

— Christopher Michael Baker, All Game Guide
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