Take control of one of eight football teams in NES Play Action Football. The NFL does not officially license the teams, but the game does feature actual players due to the NFLPA license. Therefore, some of 1990s biggest stars are available for play.Throw a touchdown pass using Joe Montana, Dan Marino, or Warren Moon, or sack the quarterback with Lawrence Taylor or Mike Singletary.

With this game, you'll have more plays to choose from than with any other football game to date. The field also has a unique, diagonal perspective. Other features in the game, making it somewhat unique for its time, include substitutions (players tire and get hurt), the stiff-arm, and the speed burst.

This being one of the first releases to be compatible with a four-player adapter, up to four people can play at once making this a fun party game. One player can play a tournament in which he or she must defeat every team. If all other teams have been defeated, the player's team has won the championship in NES Play Action Football.
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One of the first titles that helped launch Nintendo's 4-player accessories, Play...

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