This is where the Metroid legacy began, featuring Samus Aran in her original adventure to defeat the Mother Brain. The first game to use passwords in order to save your game.


It's a basic 2D side scroller, you can explore any area that you can get yourself to. There are a few power-ups and different guns that you can obtain throughout the adventure.


  • Areas: The Space Pirate fortress is broken up into three distinctive areas known as Norfair, Brinstar and Tourian. All three areas contain different environments and enemies, as well as certain power-ups that will help you succeed your mission.

  • Power-Ups: The power-ups are scattered all throughout the fortress waiting to be discovered. These include beams, such as the Ice Beam and Wave Beam, the Morph Ball, which allows you to roll through small, tight spaces, the Screw Attack, which gives you the ability to attack while jumping, and more. Health and Missle Expansions can also be found so you have more stamina and more missles to destroy the tougher enemies.

  • Password Saves: Metroid was the first game of its kind to introduce this style of saving your game. When you fail, you get a password containing scrambled letters, numbers and spaces. If you decide to take a break from playing, then come back, you can simply retype the password and you will restart from where you left off.
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As a general note, I do like the Metroid series. The Prime series (no, Hunters does...

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Very good game, my favorite Metroid game has got to be the original. Metroid Wii
Awsome, A good long adventure with easy controls and a rewarding ending Metroid NES
A great game. Play it. You wont regret it. Metroid NES
No box at all, but cartridge is fine. Metroid NES

In the year 20X5, a dangerous new life form is discovered on the desolate Planet...

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