Solid Snake is back, and better than ever! Now, in Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake, the same soldier who everyone knew and loved in the original Metal Gear game is back, and he's sent into Zanzibar land this time. Along the way, he'll encounter a couple "old friends", use the same awesome arsenal of weapons and equipment, and finally put an end to the evil Big Boss.


The player will once again have a huge arsenal of weapons, items, gadgets, and gizmos to use in order to complete the mission, weapons such as a Remote Control Missle, or a basic .45 with an optional supressor. The name of the game here is stealth. The player is recomended to go through the game, quietly, keeping a low profile. But, if their hearts truly desire it, they can go through the game Rambo style with guns blazing. It's all completely up to the player in this top down view NES game.
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