In the year 200x, a super-robot named Mega Man was created by Dr. Light to stop the evil desires of Dr. Wily. However, after his defeat, Dr. Wily created eight of his own robots to counter Mega Man.
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My callow jealousy of Europe and Japan will soon be sated as Capcom announced today, Mega Man's birthday, that... posted Dec 17, 12 9:29am

Collusion? When alleged superfan Seow Zong Hui came to Capcom with the shell of a new project, magic happened.... posted Dec 10, 12 9:59am

I've always liked the Mega Man games, but this one is truly fun. MegaMan2 NES

After the first Mega Man game, Capcom realized they had a hit on their hands, so they...

Memories, like classic games, are priceless. MegaMan2 NES

What do you get when you mix video game nerds and a lot of spare time?  Crazy and unusual ways to beat games,... posted May 21, 10 11:05pm

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