It seems that Bowser's sneaky Koopas have been, throughout time, stealing objects belonging to famous people who, without these valuable objects, wouldn't have been able to help and inspire mankind. But Mario is on to Bowser and his crew. He's persuaded the greatest minds in the world to build him a time machine-so that you and he can go anywhere in the world, during any century, in order to find those precious objects and return them to their rightful owners. You'll visit Cleopatra in the Alexandria of 48 B.C. Plato in the Athens of 369 B.C. and even Thomas Edison in New Jersey in 1879. So get ready for an incredible, easy-to-take adventure. Not only will you help the human race, but you'll meet the most famous people who ever lived. And you'll travel all over the globe and back, back, back into history. What a trip! Grab your backpack for the learning adventure of your life! Reading is required to solve this adventure.


  • Learn about history
  • Use a time machine to travel around the world
  • Recover stolen objects
  • Meet a variety of historical figures
  • Reading is required to complete the adventure
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