Mario Bros. Own / Want List

Username Comments
FlawlessApe None
MattchuLB Heh, I think we all know.
the real slim None
yugiRULER Fun, old game. Interestingly hard to play.
Tidus Strife None
Asch None
akakahn Classic
Kilik 64 None
AngelAyla None
Cloudy Wolf None
longview01 None
KaibasAngel None
legendkiller_rko None
Aang34 None
arion_orion None
baby_Lord None
Budl012 None
gundamgx None
Dark_Magic None
TnLo None
Asmodan None
GameTester113 Beaten
Eridor None
pokemon4444 GBA version
Murkrow None
br00tal None
superman542 None
Fuzzy_LFA None
Avarice15 None
Marcus Wulf None
Jesus None
rreexxyy None
SoulReaperX None
Mr game man None
patrickrocks797 None
XxCrossfirexX None
Aeola None
chaotic None
abcThief None
sarah181scarlet None
gecko89 nice short sessions of koopa bashing
meyoshe12 None
Lego DS None
VideoGameGuy 4.7
maggiver99 pretty good for its time
A nd re w Easy
DorskyMarippy None
Chevve Have the game, but no NES.
Morrigan None