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Based on the comic strip by Winsor McCay and the 1989 animé it inspired, Little Nemo: The Dream Master is a wonderfully creative side-scrolling platformer. While not much about the basic gameplay itself will astonish anyone, the magic comes from the way in which the game unfolds. Little Nemo: The Dream Master does a superb job of capturing the unpredictable, topsy-turvy logic of dreams. Bodies of water can hang, suspended in midair. Giant dollhouses flip upside down, paying no mind to gravity. Model trains spring to life and take you on a breakneck ride through a nightmarish toyland. Creatures can be coaxed into rides by feeding them candy. Lush, colorful and appropriately cartoon-like visuals adorn Little Nemo's mise en scène, while the ethereal background tunes sound great given the NES' limited sound hardware.

— Christian Huey, All Game Guide
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