Enslaved by foreign rule, the citizens of Ikari have been held captive for quite some time. Paul and Vince, two American soldiers, are the only people that can save the country of Ikari from peril. You and a friend/computer control Paul and Vince as you move into Ikari and drive the foreign power out of the country.


  • Terrains: Every level in Ikari Warriors has their own unique environments for you to explore. On some levels you are bound to be under heavy fire, so using the terrain to your advantage is a great, not to mention recommended, strategy. You also have to cross rivers or other bodies of water which slow you down and put you at a disadvantage against enemy forces.

  • Upgrades: By shooting certain enemies, you will be rewarded with useful upgrades to help you get through the level. One example would be grenades, which are great for handling packs of enemies and tanks. Another would be gun upgrades, such as machine guns, rapid fire, being able to shoot three bullets at once, and more.

  • Vehicles: Two types of vehicles, which are tanks and helicopters, can be found within each level. These are helpful in taking down enemy forts and vehicles that get in your way. The only drawback is that they require fuel to function. If they manage to run low on fuel, then you better run from them or else they will explode and kill you.

  • Players: Ikari Warriors can be played by two players so you and a friend can play through the game side-by-side to finish the game faster and easier.
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