In Fire Emblem you take the role of a strategist who commands armies of units with their own different traits and abilities. As you help the Betrayed Prince of Atlea you will encounter many friends, foes, and important items throughout the story. It's Marth's goal to defeat the evil Kingdom of Dolua and stop them invading the lands of Atlea and put them to an end.


Fire Emblem provides a mix of strategy and role playing elements in the same package. Take command on an army, led by Prince Marth, as you defeat your enemies. Take advantage of class abilities, map terrain and unit strengths to plan your attacks and defend against danger. Earn experience to level up and increase a unit's effectiveness. Some units can even promote to stronger classes through the use of special items , but many can't. Recruit new allies as you travel the lands to increase your military strength, and help them to grow stronger too. Be careful though, as a unit lost in battle is gone forever, and it's game over if Marth should perish.
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