The land of Corneria is covered in darkness. Prophecies tell of four brave young heroes that are destined to save the world by ridding it of the evil entity that has created turmoil across the land. Join those four heroes as their destinies are realized as they journey to places never thought possible in their quest to restore order to the land of Corneria.
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I need a way to keep this going without keeping a word document going, so enjoy my ultimate dream cast for a Dissidia game. To be honest, I'd rather see the series renamed Square Enix Dissidia and jam packed with as many of their characters as they can. So, here we go (note I'm not done):

Final Fantasy I:

Hero: Warrior of Light
Villain: Garland

Final Fantasy II:

Hero: Firion, Minwu
Villain: Emperor Mateus Palamecia, Leon

Final Fantasy III:

Hero: Onion Knight
Villain: Cloud of Darkness, Xande

Final Fantasy IV:

Hero: Cecil Harvey, Kain Highwind
Villain: Golbez, Zemus


Final Fantasy IV: The After Years:

Hero: Ceodore Harvey
Villain: Maenad

Final Fantasy V:

Hero: Bartz Klauser
Villain: Exdeath, Gilgamesh

Final Fantasy VI:

Hero: Terra Branford, Celes Chere
Villain: Kefka Palazzo, Gestahl

Final Fantasy VII:

Hero: Cloud Strife, Tifa Lockhart
Villain: Sephiroth


Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core:

Hero: Zack Fair
Villain: Genesis Rhapsodos

Final Fantasy VIII:

Hero: Laguna Loire, Squall Leonhart
Villain: Ultimecia, Seifer Almasy

Final Fantasy IX:

Hero: Zidane
Villain: Kuja

Final Fantasy X:

Hero: Tidus, Yuna
Villain: Jecht, Seymour Guado

Final Fantasy XI:

Hero: Shantotto, Prishe
Villain: Shadow Lord, Eald'narche

Final Fantasy XII:

Hero: Vaan, Basch fon Ronsenburg
Villain: Vayne Solidor, Gabranth

Final Fantasy XIII:

Hero: Lightning
Villain: Galenth Dysley

Final Fantasy XIV:

Hero: Thancred
Villain: Zulvan

Final Fantasy Versus XIII:

Hero: Noctis Lucis Caelum

Final Fantasy Type-0:

Hero: Ace

Final Fantasy Tactics:

Hero: Ramza Beoulve
Villain: Folmarv Tengille

Final Fantasy Mystic Quest:

Hero: Benjamin
Villain: Dark King

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles:

Hero: Layle
Villain: Amidatelion

Final Fantasy Unlimited:

Hero: Kaze, Makenshi
Villain: Earl Tyrant, Oscha

Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light:

Hero: Brandt
Villain: None

Kingdom Hearts:

Hero: Sora
Villain: Master Xehanort

Chrono Trigger:

Hero: Crono
Villain: Dalton

Chrono Cross:

Hero: Serge
Villain: Lynx

Parasite Eve:

Hero: Aya Brea
Villain: Eve

Valkyrie Profile:

Hero: Lenneth
Villain: Loki

Star Ocean:

Hero: Roddick Farrence
Villain: Asmodeus

Dragon Quest

Hero: Hero
Villain: Dragonlord


Heroes: 37
Villains: 35

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Here's a series we all know and love – Final Fantasy! Originally Square's last game,...

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