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In Dungeon Magic, your adventure will take you to the far reaches of the land. Along the way, you'll encounter many enemies that must be defeated in order to gain experience and become a better warrior. Also, you will meet people in towns who have vital information to your quest. Heed what they say, for it is often key to completing the next step in the game. Along with your strength, you also have magic, which gets more powerful as you gain experience. Your magic is learned from one of five wizards whom you must choose from at the beginning of your quest.

Long ago, a great warrior named Magi possessed a fantastic suit of armor and six of the greatest swords ever known to man. It is the power of this armor and swords that had kept peace throughout the land for over 500 years. However, an old enemy of Magi's, Darces, has returned to wreak havoc on the land. Only you can reclaim the armor and the six swords to stop him.
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