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Disney's Darkwing Duck Reviews

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Digital Press Online 7/10 Sep 26 '05
Just Games Retro 60% Jan 04 '01
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"If you've worn out the Mega Man series on the console, Darkwing Duck isn't a bad second choice. If you're just going for Disney titles, you'll probably do better with a different title. The frustration factor is high unlike the pick up and play Chip 'n Dale. If you enjoy games with a deep challenge factor however, then this is certainly a game that should be on a must-play list."
"But I digress, perhaps the only real "mistake" made with this game is the dreaded "GO" sign. Picture this: I had just overcome a particularly challenging portion of the game when I came upon a flashing sign that read simply "GO". Never being one to turn down the opportunity to "GO", I "WENT". Immediately, I was treated to an animation of the police guy explaining that while he hated to interrupt my mission, there had just been a robbery and he needed me to help recover the stolen goods. As little capsules of loot (powerups) fall from the sky, Darkwing is instructed to blast them open and collect their contents. "Cool," I thought, "Mini-game." Despite the obvious question as to whether allowing a vigilante to keep stolen property is any better than letting the crooks take it, I played along. Then time ran out, and I was returned to the game. Guess where. Go ahead, guess. Yup, at the beginning of the level! Now that's no reward kids, that's a poison mushroom if I've ever seen one."