Finally, a game that explores the age old historical question "if cavemen had an Olympics, what would it be like?" If Caveman Games is any indication, it would involve six athletes with individual strengths competing in six events that consist of Clubbing, Mate Toss, Saber Race, Fire Start, and the rather anachronistic Dino Race and Dino Vault.

Caveman Games accommodates between one and four players without the use of a four-player adapter. Of course, this means that only a maximum of two people can play at any given time. Hence, in all events where players compete directly with one another, with the exception of clubbing, they are ranked on the basis of their times, not individual finishes. In the clubbing event, enough bouts are played so that all competitors play each other once.

While each game is played slightly differently, most involve rapid button pushing, precise timing, or both. Clubbing has two combatants facing each other with clubs. In the Mate Toss, players throw their "mate" by the hair by whirling her around discus style. The Saber Race has competitors racing each other on foot in an attempt to outrun a hungry saber-toothed tiger. The Fire Start event pits two competitors against each other in a race to start a fire with sticks, while the Dino Race has players jockeying a dinosaur over a number or rock hazards. Finally, the Dino Vault has players attempting to vault over a hungry tyrannosaurus.

— Zachary Knowlton, All Game Guide
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