: : : : : Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse


This game brings us back in time from the first Castlevanias, following the adventure of Trevor Belmont.


This games goes back to the same exact style that the original Castlevania had. Trevor sets out with a whip and the usual sub weapons in order to purge the world of the darkness Dracula has left upon it. There are 15 stages to pass through, but after the end of certain stages, you'll be left with a choice. The decisions you make will determine who you just might run into. Perhaps Dracula's own son will be waiting for you? Trevor will need all of the help he can get. The enemies won't take it easy on you in this game.


A new addition to the Castlevania series, Trevor can gain the help of three other characters throughout the game. Whichever character you have at the moment, just press select and you'll transform from Trevor into the other character.
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Castlevania 3... Ooh yeah, this was excellent. Not only was it a return to form, but...


The third and final NES Castlevania game is more like a prequel to the series rather...

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