You play as a chef named Peter Pepper. All Peter wants to do is make 4 hamburgers every level, but for some strange reason, a large group of evil hotdogs, pickles, and scrambled eggs do not want this to happen. Now Peter must quickly make all his hamburgers while avoiding the enemies and only using pepper to blind the enemies.


While avoiding the evil hotdogs, pickles, and scrambled eggs, Peter Pepper the chef must run on top of the 4 parts to a hamburger, bring them all down to the bottom, and put the hamburger together, all while avoiding the evil foods. Every once in a while, ice cream, coffee, or french fries will come and either give you more pepper to blind your enemies with, or an extra life. The player must climb all the ladders, knock down all the pieces of the hamburgers, and then make 4 of them while avoiding the foods.
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Jan 13, 05 10:48am

Now this was one of those classics that makes you wish real life was like this. This...

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