Someone has stolen the golden Bomberman statue, the pride of peaceful Bomberman Town. Bomberman, the town peacekeeper and our hero, set out to find the stolen statue. During his investigation, he met a stranger who seemed a likely suspect for the crime and chased him into a warphole. Now, you must join Bomberman on his journey to recover the stolen statue and restore the symbol of Bomberman Town. You must rekindle the magic and power that you had been bestowed on in the original Bomberman and utilize it to your full potential in Bomberman II!


Bomberman II is an action game that has become synonymous with the Hudson brand. This is the second version of Bomberman, which was released in 1993, and it went on to sell over one million copies. Bomberman boasts a simple and addictive game system where the players set bombs to knock out enemies.
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