Gryzor's Aussie Rules Footy Review

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Hell Fire Nov 21, 11
I disagree about RPGs ageing like Sports game, in fact I think a good RPG is timeless. Just think of the amazing, memorable stories and characters from some of the SNES RPGs (Chrono Trigger, FFIV, FFVI).

Anyway, I'm so glad you reviewed this. I used to love this game to bits. My mate and I always used to play multiplayer. I'll never forget that annoying "OUT OF BOUNDS, ON THE FULL" voice either
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Gryzor Nov 23, 11
Perhaps I should've been clearer then. I was mostly referring to the 8-bit stuff. Aussie Rules Footy is certainly playable even today, although I can't quite say the same for Dragon Warrior or Final Fantasy (NES installments, that is), especially compared to Dragon Quest 8 or Final Fantasy 6.

Thanks for the comment, dude.