After the Meka-Chickens kidnap his friends, Alfred must chase them through a series of mazes. To clear each maze, you, as Alfred, must pop all of the balloons, the very last of which will transport him to the next stage. In each maze, you must avoid a number of enemies including Mino, Mag-Mine, Byron Snail, and Wind-up Mouse. However, you can use a dive or peck attack to eliminate some of the enemies. In addition to the bad guys, there are a number of power-ups in each maze: diamonds and eggcups will grant extra lives, while a can of worms will give you some extra defense. It's up to you to defeat the Meka-Chickens and save your friends in Alfred Chicken


  • Series of mazes
  • Pop all the balloons to go to next stage
  • Avoid enemies
  • Diamonds and eggs will grant extra lives
  • A can of worms will give you extra defense
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