This game is based on the 80's arcade game of the same name. It's a simple American Football simulation where the objective is to score touchdowns and then prevent the opposition from doing the same. If you're a fan of American Football without all the fancy tactics and planning then this game is for you.


The controls on this game are simple, you choose the direction you want to throw the ball, how much power you want to throw it with and that's that. Running with the ball the aim is to score touchdowns at the other end. Then once you do that you swap to defense and have to intercept the ball and prevent the other team from scoring.


  • You control the person with the ball
  • Formations are easy to use
  • Alternating offensive and defensive plays
  • For one or two players
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Originally an arcade game in it's heyday, 10 Yard Fight was one of the first NES...

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