The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Action Replay Codes

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Play as Fierce Diety (N64) North America

I know we all hate having to go through some weird glitch every time we want to play as Fierce Deity outside of boss rooms, so just put this code on if you do not have it

801EF690 0000

and also have this code on, so you can use your sword, replace sword with fierce diety sword: 801EF6BC 0050, because sometimes his sword is invisible.

if you want to play with other characters without the mask, just replace the last two characters with the corresponding two characters i give you now.

01 Goron Link
02 Zora Link
03 Deku Link
04 Normal Link

Although I'm pretty sure a lot of you have this cheat already, but I just wanted to give this site something to have on AR. BTW, only use one of these at a time.