Yoshi's Story Own / Want List

Username Comments
Renkyu None
Gotenks None
Nymosus None
Relient K None
Tempest None
DSduffaroo45 None
chibichichi None
Laura J None
Inuyasha64 beaten it
Giga Bowser None
scaryseizure None
RT1985 None
Sonic_2 I love this game!
Koenma None
yugiRULER None
rachynymph None
twinbladeshugo fun
Asch None
somestrangeflea I will trade this out
InabyamaCastle Guard None
sorg88 None
The5thAvocado None
Klonoas_Gurl (me attempting Yoshi theme song) EEEE-AAAA-OOOO EEEE-AAAA-OOOO HOW CUTE IS THAT??!!
hamstar138 None
Slashdragon Underrated... Easy, but fun.
Gryzor None
Quixotic This game is so fun. Yoshis are so innoncent...
Nkiller None
nasty nappa None
darkomega_ll None
WufeisMoonChild So CUTE!
Joshua Mackley None
bohric None
My Apocalypse None
phowell23 None
ticklemonster None
Darklink557 None
Diego392817 None
Murkrow None
SuperLuigiN64 Not my type
Rubix64 None
ShadowMario3 None
Jesus None
Eskimo None
mrwookie None
Trogdor_002 None
PichuRules Have it on VC. Great game!
Pgans Own the ROM for Project 64.
gamefreak202 None
Penguin4fun None